Just count the ways to make a better image with natural light.

Today's cell phones have cameras that for the most part can record and take a decent image.  For starters, it is now becoming less of an inconvenience and much more fun.  The big factor is the instant sharing of your images. Not only that, but you can put your image into one of many processing and creative modes that are available on the market today.  At Fine Arts Photographers we love to explore and create original Art Pieces that are enjoyable and really are the main factor in stopping time.

Here are a few tips for making better family images with natural light.
  1. You need to look at it without the camera and then with the camera to make sure you leave your image enough space for future cropping and processing of the composition.
  2. Check the edges of your frame to make sure your subject has enough room in the frame and is not diminished or unnecessarily cut out from the composition.
  3. Check the light. You do not want the light in your lens.  Your light should be filtered from the side or used from behind to enhance the subject and then front lit with artificial flash or reflected back to the subject with a card. Of course, all of this depends on what you are seeing and what your time factor is for making it the best composition.  After all, it is a portrait.
  4. Clothing, if you are a portrait photographer, this can be your friend or your foe.  At Fine Arts, we do prefer solid colors because patterns and uncomplimentary colors are not great. Also, not everyone who has a large upper body wants it to dominate their face with clothes that do not fit correctly. Always try to compliment the face, as it is the main part of an individual or group composition.
  5. Finding the light is always best between Early am until 10 AM and after 4 PM until just before Sundown.  Those beach shots are always good in the AM on the East Coast of Florida and PM on the West Coast of Florida. The same goes for your backyard. Since that is light we are dealing with in Florida.  Just do your best. 
  6. You should always break that large Family Group picture into smaller groups. This doesn’t interfere with your big group since it is done first and this will only compliment your individual family portrait session. Smaller groups do not take long and are a lot of fun and can be more of a candid style that is turned into great wall pieces and arrangements.
  7. Hopefully, this is a good starting point. Here at Fine Arts, we are always professionally available to help you with your photographic needs. Good luck!